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Thanks for taking the time to read our story! Growing up in a "disorganized' home, I learned how to keep others organized. I graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelors's in Management knowing that one day I wanted to manage my own business. After organizing for friends and family, I decided to become a Professional Organizer. With extensive training and experience, I have become Tulsa's most sought after organizer. I have been organizing in Tulsa for over 10 years. On top of organizing, I joined the Mcgraw Realtors team in 2014 as a licensed real estate agent. Now, I can organize and sell your home! Working in homes all over Tulsa for the last 5 years has given me the know-how when it comes to buying, listing & building homes. There is no mess to big! Completely Organized LLC would like to spark you to become completely organized. -Faith 

Welcome! Whether you have one room that is not organized or you have an issue with hoarding, becoming organized is about making your life easier. Being organized will give you more time to do what you love. Hiring a professional organizer in Tulsa is the answer for individuals who want to simplify their life. Completely Organized Tulsa is a residential organizing service in the greater Tulsa area. We can not only organize your house but can stage it for sale. As a licensed real estate agent with McGraw Realtors, Faith Conaway can list your home when you decide to move.

Completely Organized Tulsa has a team of professional organizers that work one on one with the client to achieve organization. The professional organizer's goal is to find the balance between too much and too little. Working with a Professional Organizer in Tulsa is no different than hiring any other service. Take control and call to set up a FREE initial Consultation with one of our professional organizers in Tulsa. Getting organized is simply started by sparking motivation and ideas.


Our home should be a place of relaxation. Not just for parents, but also for our children, family & even friends. But, if you feel your home is messy, disorganized and overwhelming, than Completely Organized Tulsa's Professional Organizers can help you. Completely Organized Tulsa is in the business of helping others by bringing order to disorder. We are in the business of changing lives by giving people more time back in their day, and more peace in their home through by becoming organized. We help our clients become more productive which can also save them money because they are not buying duplicate items. Completely Organized is a “hands on” service. Our professional organizers are physically working in your space to get it organized and managing the project from start to finish.


Our process starts with an initial consultation to asses to mess. Through our assessment, we make recommendations on how many hours are needed to be purchased to get the job done. We offer a starting rate of $65/hr. Our organizing sessions have a 4 hour maximum. In our years of organizing, it takes at least three hours to make truly visible results and lasting changes in an area. Our Professional Organizers will not make you get rid of your stuff. We take your belongings very seriously. The trust you put in the Completely Organized Tulsa Professional Organizer is something we take seriously. If we see a trend in a particular item, we will coach you through the process of eliminating too much of one item or items, and coach you on the negative affects that these items might pose in your goal to become organized. However, you must, ultimately, make the decision on whether or not something stays or goes.

Our Tulsa professional organizers know that not all clients are the same. Our organizers implement unique, and custom solutions that fit our client’s needs, lifestyle and goals. And, if the project requires additional assistance, we have a whole team of vendors behind us that we can call upon to get the job done. Our organizers are project managers and are skilled at completing small & large projects. 

Our Promise

Whether we are organizing your whole house or just one area, you will see visible results at the end of each visit. Our organizers know how to narrow the scope of a huge project into bite-sized pieces, leaving you with a completed project each time. At the end of each day, we will take as many donations as we can (if desired), and we have resources to call upon to get rid of larger items. 

Call Today! 918-640-2711;

Privacy Policy

We treat all clients with integrity, honesty and confidentiality. We will serve our clients with competence and objectively, and will treat them with respect and courtesy. We will make recommendations for products and services with our client's best interests in mind.We will share no information such as name and postal or email address without your permission. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of your information. Our mailing list is used by us alone. We will not sell or otherwise distribute your address or email without asking you first. We urge you to use caution and follow accepted Internet safety procedure wherever you browse. We carry no responsibility for the privacy policy of the links to and from these pages.

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